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Movie: Rudhramadevi
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Rating : 2.75
Released On : Oct 9, 2015
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Rudhramadevi Review, Rudhramadevi Movie Review: From a long time, "Rudhramadevi", the first ever historical stereoscopic film in India, is facing release issues. Finally after a long wait, the film has hit theatres simultaneously in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi. Let's see how this history is.


Ganapathi Deva (Krishnam Raju), the ruler of Kakatiya Kingdom is blessed with a girl child Rudrama Devi (Anushka). As the kingdom is not in a mood to accept a girl as a heir apparent and people feeling low about a girl ruling them, she is raised as Rudra Devudu, a boy. From childhood, Rudra Devudu has this nice friendship with Chalukya Veerabhadrudu (Rana). Trouble brews in the kingdom with Mahadeva (Vikramjit Vir) of Devasena trying to capture Kakatiya Kingdom on one hand, while internally Ganapathi Deva's step brothers Hara and Murari (Suman and Aditya Menon) trying to assassinate king for throne. Amidst these situations, what if the truth about Rudhrama's hidden sex comes out? That forms the crux of story.

Analysis :



Anushka looks flawless in the role of both Rudra Devudu and Rudrama Devi. On one side she portrayed the spirit of a manly warrior (by also wearing a dark shade makeup) and on other side she oozed splendid glamour as  a girl who wants to roam free at waterfalls and in Antahpuram. Except for some badly composed stunts, she did complete justice to her role.

Prakash Raj steals the show with his lengthy dialogues and ease in putting up so many emotions, while Suman and Aditya Menon as cunning step-brother are impressive. Rana Daggubati need to improvise in terms of acting, though his cutout is worthy for such roles. Nitya Memon as Mummidamba and Catherine Tresa's glamorous Anamika role are good.

Major show stealer in the film is Allu Arjun, as he excelled with his look, distinct Telangana accent and dialogue delivery in the role of Gona Ganna Reddy. He's going to be the winner at B & C centres for his massy dialogues.


Gunasekhar has researched history well and brings out those days where people never accepted women as rulers and they fight among themselves like barbarians. Though he could have worked on the narrative more, the way he explained the story to audiences is gripping and intense. While there are some ups and downs in the graph of film, still it never created any hurdle for the movie's wholesome experience. Gunasekhar deserves a pat for the all-round show.

Ilayaraja's song haven't attracted much, but the background score he has created for the film is amazing. The effect of recording the whole of background score in London has that impact on audiences as well. From sound quality to never heard kind of tunes, they are just magic.

Nearly three visual effects companies have worked on the films computer graphics, green screen work and set extensions. Though the quality of graphics is little inferior, they have come up with nice stuff for the kind of budgets involved. Costumes designed by Neeta Lulla are impressive for Anushka and also Allu Arjun. While Thota Tharani's art direction would have been better and creative, Ajay Vincent's visuals are good in parts. Stereoscopic 3D work is also good as it made the viewing experience a pleasure.

TeluguOne Perspective :


Anushka as the Queen
Whole story of our history
Allu Arjun's Gona Ganna Reddy act


Little slow second half
Poor action scenes


Film starts on a bang with Megastar Chiranjeevi's voice over for world-traveller Marco Polo explaining about this Indian Queen to the world. While the whole setup of the fort and its premises looks little uneasy (due to effect of Baahubali) for first 10 minutes, once you're into the movie you get involved and start to feel the history of Telugu warrior queen.

As Rudhrama gets raised a boy, every scene got that huge elevation. Introduction of characters like Gona Ganna Reddy gives goose bumps in the first half. As the story revolves between various cruel enemies and cunning foxes within the family, we could understand why Indian kings and kingdoms failed to withstand attacks from Mughals or English empire. Gunasekhar carefully opens the plot, introduces each trouble and character with great enthusiasm, thereby creating more interest in the subject. On one side, film looks like a conflict between Anushka and Allu Arjun, while enemies have another battle waiting for Anushka. As interval approaches, hype and curiosity about second half gets doubled.

After exaggerating the history to new level with his careful conceiving of scenes, Gunasekhar played rather slow and emotional touches in second half. Though audiences should not expect a routine commercial film kind of revenge pattern and elevation of every single character to hefty heroism, Guna handled the story well, thereby giving preference only to the story but not the personal image of actors involved. While war scenes in the end look little dull (due to lack of budget), still the idea and intention lives in the heart of people. Anushka and Allu Arjun steal the show, as it is announced that a sequel "Prataparudrudu" is supposed to arrive.

Without thinking about commercial ingredients, Rudhramadevi should be watched for its show of history. Telugu people will be knowing about this queen and how she's brought up before she got ousted from the kingdom and recaptures the throne herself. Kids and family audiences might enjoy the film for its history, while hardcore 'masala' lovers will find only Bunny's work amazing. As the release is timed in holiday season, it works for Gunasekhar mostly.

Final words: Watch Rudhramadevi for history, heritage and experience.


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