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Movie: Gouravam
Banner : Prakash Raj Productions
Rating : 2.75
Released On : Apr 19, 2013
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Another hero from Mega Star Chiranjeevi's family, Allu Sirish is making his debut with 'Gouravam. Unlike his brother Allu Arjun and his cousin Ram Charan, Sirish has selected an intense drama for his first movie and this is a bilingual movies. Check out Gouravam Movie Review to know more

Cast : Sirish, Yami Gautam, Prakash Raj, Brahmaji and LB Sriram etc
Screenplay & Direction : Radhamohan
Dialogues : BVS Ravi
Music & BGM : SS Thaman
Editing : Marthand K Venkatesh
Cinematography : Preetha
Producer : Prakash Raj
Banner : Prakash Raj Productions
Run time : 125 minutes
Release Date : April 19, 2013

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After completing his education, Arjun (Sirish) immediately joins in a factory owned by his family. Before returning to Hyderabad, Arjun goes to SM Palli, a village to see his friend Shankar. To his surprise, Arjun comes to know that Shankar has eloped with village head Pasupathi's (Prakash Raj) daughter. Arjun starts to investigate about his friend and in the meanwhile he starts to know about the brutal atrocities of the upper caste in that area. What happened to Shankar ? Can Arjun solve this mystery ? All these elements must be watched on the big screen.

Analysis :

Based on the songs and the promos , one can easily understand that 'Gouravam' is not a regular mass entertainer. Director Radha Mohan has once again come up with an intense story and all the artists has supported him with decent performances. Movies like Gouravam are very rare where story is the main hero. Though there is nothing new in the story, director's guts to touch the concept of 'Honor Killings' should be appreciated.  Pace of the movie is very slow but it can be understood as intense movies cannot run in racy mode.

TeluguOne Perspective :

There are some funny dialogues in Gouravam like “Bhojanam daggara, Shobanam daggara mohamatapadakudadhu” and some dialogues based on day-day life. For example, a cop tells to hero that “Dont think too much about this as you come from a place (Hyderabad) where you eat pizza for free if its delivered after 30 mins”.  Talking about the other side, film might not be appealing for the audience who wait for an interval bang, dances and a terrific climax. Also, the interval episode  where hero's friends come to help him looked pale. Gouravam might be fit for the Tamil audience who encourage the films with reality and tragedy but it might be hard for most of the Telugu audience to connect.


Allu Sirish made a decent debut with 'Gouravam' and his major asset is his dialogue delivery. He acted with ease in the emotional scenes and he was able to carry the intensity throughout the movie. Yami Gautam is beautiful and has done her job. Prakash Raj's role was brief and there is nothing to complain about him. Bramhaji, LB Sriram are good and the other artists have done their job.


Songs by SS Thaman are ok and the background music is good. Cinematography by preetha is perfect. Editing by Marthand K Venkatesh and the dialogues by BVS Ravi are simple. Radhamohan's screenplay is good and the production values are perfect.




First Half Length
Lack of entertainment
Over melodrama in some scenes

Final Word
: Gouravam movie is slow but the theme of 'Honor Killing' must be appreciated.

Reviewed by Vamsi Kaka


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