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  • 'Serial kisser's son to be seen onscreen!

    Bollywood actor who is also known as the Serial Kisser of hindi films is all set to get some competition from his home front. Emraan Hashmi’s six-year-old son, Ayaan has

  • Sanjay didnt meet kids while in jail;Here's w

    Sanjay Dutt who recently walked out of the jail after serving his jail term is a happy man now. He is in a celebratory mood with his kids birthdays and also his wife's coming up

  • Did Ranbir avoid meeting his ex Lover?

    Ranbir Kapoor was recently in news for his partying videos which went viral, where he was seen dancing with his ex girlfriend Deepika Padukone's current boyfriend on his various hit

  • "దిష్యూమ్" రివ్యూ!

    పేరుకు తగ్గట్లుగా సినిమా మొత్తం "డిష్యూమ్, డిష్యూమ్" అన్నట్లుగా ఫుల్ యాక్షన్ తో సాగుతుంది. కాకపోతే.. లాజిక్ అనేది బూతద్దం పెట్టి వెతికినా దొరకదు. సో, మల్టీప్లెక్స్ ఆడియన్స్ ను ఈ సినిమా ఆకట్టుకొనే అవకాశాలు లేవు.

  • Mahesh's heroine talks about life after marri

    Bollywood actress Amrita Rao rose to limelight when she starred opposite superstar Mahesh Babu in the telugu movie Athidhi. Though she did not manage to hold on to some good movies in telugu

  • Kabali's first week stunning collections!

    There is no stopping a Superstar Rajinikanth film at the box office. The latest collections report is a testimony of the same.