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  • Mowgli Trouble To Tollywood In Summer

    Do you remember Mowgli? Yes, he's the one who happens to be the childhood hero of many adults now. He's the hero of the cartoon series "Jungle Book" that took whole world by a storm.

  • చ‌ర‌ణ్ టార్చ‌ర్ మామూలుగా లేదు

    బ్రూస్లీ ఫ్లాప్ రామ్‌చ‌ర‌ణ్‌పై తీవ్ర‌మైన ప్ర‌భావం చూపించింది. మ‌రుస‌టి సినిమా విష‌యంలో మ‌రింత జాగ్ర‌త్త ప‌డిపోతున్నాడు. అస‌లే చెర్రీకి కెలుకుళ్లు ఎక్కువ‌. ద‌ర్శ‌కుడి ప‌నిలో విప‌రీతంగా జోక్యం చేసుకొంటుంటాడ‌ని టాక్‌.

  • Producer's Vaadakam @ Mahesh-Samantha

    Popular producer PVP hasn't made any blockbuster movie till date but somehow his films garner all the attention for the kind of publicity he makes.

  • Nitya Menon Says People Mistook Her

    The common talk in film industry is that, actress Nitya Menon throws a lot of arrogance and she is not easily approachable. Also they say her head strong character is the one that is making her miss many films. Is that true?

  • Don't Spoil The Original -Ram Charan

    Mega Powerstar Ram Charan is currently looking forward for the remake of "Thani Oruvan" movie. We have already reported that seductress Rakul Preet

  • Pawan Eyeing Theri Remake? That's Silly

    Rumours columns are busy reporting that Pawan Kalyan is eyeing on yet another remake. After 'Gabbar Singh' remake, already he has acted in 'Oh My God' remake and now there is talk that he is looking forward for 'Ved