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Apte's Help For LION
We all know leaked videos of celebrities do get lot of hype and they grab all the headlines everywhere. Recently Radika Apte's leaked nude video is a being the most searched video online which indirectly tells people are gone crazy
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Prabhas as ‘Sivudu’ First Look
Prabhas First look from “Baahubali The Beginning” is finally out. Rajamouli has released the first look of Sivudu today. Feauturing Prabhas in a carved out physique where he shows his stunning muscles, Sivudu is seen carrying
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Kick 2 Audio Songs Release
Kick 2 audio songs release date comfirmed. Ravi teja kick 2 audio songs will be launched on May 9 and the venue is going to be Shilpakala Vedika. Kick-2 is on the verge of completing its post production formalities and is getting
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షాకింగ్ న్యూస్ : దాస‌రితో సంపూ సినిమా
సంపూర్నేష్ బాబుకి రాజ‌యోగం పిచ్చ పిచ్చ‌గా ప‌ట్టేసింది. వ‌రుస సినిమాల‌తో హోరెత్తిస్తున్నాడు. అదీ క్రేజీ కాంబినేష‌న్ల‌తో. మంచు విష్ణు నిర్మాత‌గా సంపూ హీరోగా ఓ చిత్రం తెర‌కెక్కింది. అది త్వ‌ర‌లోనే విడుద‌ల కాబోతోంది. రాంగోపాల్ వ‌ర్మ - సంపూ కాంబినేష‌న్ కూడా సెట్ అయ్యింది.
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Arjun Kapoor with his crush!
In an interview Arjun Kapoor, fame of 2 states claimed that Kareena Kapoor Khan is his first genuine crush and also said that he want to work with Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma and not to forget his first crush kareena.
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Actress Molestation Controversy
An upcoming actress, presently shooting in bhopal for the Bollywood debut, staying in a private hotel for past few days has stated that she was molested by a minor boy in her room when she was asleep at 3am on friday.
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