World’s Oldest Mother in Punjab

Publish Date:May 11, 2016


At 72 years Daljinder Kaur from Punjab has embraced motherhood, making her the world’s oldest mother. Daljinder has been childless since 46 years of her marriage, and always wished to have one. On April 19, Daljinder along with her husband had a male child through IVF. When asked about her ability to look after her child, Daljinder was confident that she would see her child going to a good school. Dr Anurag Bishnoi who runs a fertility clinic in Haryana was the person who made the dreams of Daljinder come true. But Dr. Bishnoi is equally amassing severe criticism.


Many specialists were of the view that age should be considered before undergoing IVF treatment. Many point out that IVF treatment in women above 50 years might be suicidal. Even if the treatment comes out as a success, the children who are born has to face parents who are living their last years. But Dr. Bishnoi doesn’t seem to listen about such ethical questions. No matter what, he feels that reproductivity is one’s fundamental right.

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