Nails – Showcasing our Illness!

Publish Date:Dec 21, 2013






Nails are given the least importance among our body parts. Though these are a dead tissue they have an important role to play. Besides, protecting underlying tissues, aiding in scratching itches they also act as windows to our well-being. These showcase the warning signs of malnutrition, infection and serious diseases!


Some physical distortions in the appearance of the nails are the manifestations of certain diseases! Here goes the list!

The nail separates from nail bed or along the sides; this condition is called as Onycholysis is one of the most common indications of thyroid disorders. Spoon-shaped and concave nails relate to hypothyroidism.

Valvular disorders lead to the appearance of reddish-brown lines under the nails. While congenital heart abnormalities are seen as clubbing of the nails. Clubbing is the softening and flattening of the nail.

If you are a voracious nail-bitter, then you are a victim of anxiety and stress. Other nervous habits like nail-biting and thumb suckling are prime evidences for compulsive disorders or anxiety.

Persistent yellowing of nails indicates, a serious metabolic disorder – Diabetes. When affected by diabetes both skin and nails turn yellow!

Bluish discolorations of nails mean that you are ailing with pulmonary problems like, Low Haemoglobin, Asthma, Bronchitis and Pneumonia.

White spots over the nails are a common manifestation seen in all! The culprit behind, is either calcium and zinc deficiencies or kidney and liver disorders!

Well, it is that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body!
And true! Is the saying, healthy person definitely has healthy nails!!

Take care!!


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