Your Phone on Flight Mode

Publish Date:Oct 23, 2013



Cell phones have almost become our best friends! Even during flight journeys, most of us use cell phones. Thinking the FLIGHT MODE in the Cell phones is an excuse to keeping our phones from turning off....we can't escape. Our phone has to be switched off during the flight, landing and take off too...



"Even in the Flight Mode, our phone transmits radio signals that have the same frequency as the airplane's communication and navigational systems, which means our phone could interfere with them." There are a few of us who think, 'just one phone will not cause any harm ', but the possibility that it could disrupt the communication is reason enough to play it safe.



After the Pilot has announced that the flight has reached above 10,000 feet or higher and also informs that phones can be used, its safe to turn on the cell phone and only in the Airplane Mode.


- Prathyusha Talluri

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