Watch! What you Eat!

Here are some significant fact to be kept in mind while we gulp down the supplies from our pantry! These are few add-ups in our diet routines :

Fibre is one such nutrient that makes us feel full, thus cutting down on our food intake and also aid in digestion. So an intake quamtity of 3-5g would be great!

Though proteins are the sources of energy and build the tissues, but an intake of more than 5g is not advisable.

Sugar intake less than 20g is beneficial, since we can not cut down sugar in some foods, so it is wise to cut down sugar as an additive in our beverages.

Avoid the consumption of fastfoods, refrigerated and canned foods; but opt for fresh foods,Before dumping a pack into your shopping basket check out for the nutrient label.

Keep icecreams and cookies at the bay as the are loaded with calories and not with energy or any useful nutrients!

If you deny the intake of food without liquids like aerated drinks or sodas, swap these for fresh fruit juice, milkshakes or water.

If you like something to munch with your cuppa or teas, try crackers or breadsticks rather than cookies or fried foods.

Pulses are one of a kind, as they are loaded with proteins, fibres and energy yeilding carbohydrates, so these are a must in our diet!

Sodium intake is a big No for Diabetes and Hypertension victims, while fats are a big No for Heart patients!

Besides, following these advices, it is also mandatory to exercise!
As, it is rightly sai a sound mind in a sound body!

Take Care!! Stay Healthy!!

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