The Right Body Language for Interviews

Publish Date:Jun 16, 2014

In interviews, body language is a very important factor key to clinch a job. So how do you get the right body language? Presenting a few tips to get your body language right before you go for the interview:

• Make sure your palms are dry during the handshake and be firm and confident. • Sit tall and avoid crossing your arms.

• Keep eye contact – looking in the eye-nose triangle for the majority of the time.

• Don’t come just on time , be there at least 20 minutes before the allotted time

• Wearing neatly pressed sober clothes and shoes will always win you the points

• Keep you expression and engagement interested with the person who is interviewing you.


A positive and cheerful attitude and speaking the truth is also a very important aspect to wrap up the interview and get a job.

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