The Magic of Smile!!


We spend out our pockets to keep ourselves healthy and happy, on various therapies. These therapies might range from popping in capsules to joining in yoga or sporting classes, it is true that they work well in favor of our expenditure. But if we were told there is a better alternative where you need not spend a penny from your pocket? Interested in pursuing it?? Smiling, this is the best medicine you can give yourself. It not only boosts your health, mood but also keeps you young and surges the faith in oneself.


When you smile your facial muscle come into play, it naturally lifts the face, on an average smiling people look about 3 years younger. When we smile certain neuropeptides like dopamine, serotonin and endorphins are released. The act on the neurons relaxing the muscle they supply, they slow the heart rate, lower the blood pressure and de-stresses. Endorphins that are released on smiling act as better pain killers, without the scare of side effects. The serotonin is pharmacologically used in the treatment of depression and anxiety; it is naturally produced on flashing your sweetest smile.


Try smiling at yourself while looking into the mirror at least once a day, it will fill in lot of self-confidence, with confidence there comes success and happiness. Smile attracts people and people around evoke faith and entrust you. Smile is contagious; we can’t help but smile back at anyone who smiles at us.

So we don’t need prescriptions and pills to be happy and healthy, but just a pretty smile!!

-Koya Satyasri