Power Cut?? Here are some fun things you could do during a black out!

Publish Date:Mar 29, 2016



This Summer lets turn black out time into family time:

With almost everyone getting engaged with the digital world there is a dearth of personal connections. Seize every opportunity and make it count and power cut is one. This would be a perfect chance for you to catch up on everything under the sun with your loved ones.

1) Cook up a Tasty Treat in Candle light:
You could make yummylicious dishes as you have all the time on the earth,till the power is back, its fun to search for stuff in your own kitchen.

2) Dark night fun with Kids:
Kids would be either bored or scared during power cuts . Give them the much deserve attention. Play around with them. You surely would not know how fast the time flies!

3) Take a nap:
If you are working from home, and if your brain needs a break...just take a chill pill and take a nap. And if at office, your boss won’t be able to see you in the dark,but just make sure you don't snore

4) Socialize:
The computers may not work but phone lines do. Pick up the phone and call a loved one and while away your time happily.

5) Sit by a window and write a letter:
Get back to using the much forgotten pen or paper. Write a love note for your near and dear. They would love it for sure. Make sure you hand them over personally

6) In darkness, your mind works faster..so make a shopping list:
Do a stock-check around the house and jot down the list of items needed. Makes your next trip to your nearby grocer easier

7) Finally you can even attend to miscellaneous works like:
Attend to the teeny weeny chores you have been postponing to do from a long time. Like doing your own pedicure , arranging your can eve knitchen/cupboard or may be you could even chop vegetables for the next day's cooking.


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