Sujana Chowdary hints going to court against T-Bill

Publish Date:Jan 31, 2014



Soon after Assembly role completes on the T-Bill, many Andhra and Telangana political leaders of major political parties start landing at New Delhi for lobbying to push/stop the T-Bill in Parliament. TDP MP Sujana Chowdary is one among those many leaders landed at New Delhi.


Speaking to media he said “Centre is playing every trick it knows to push the T-Bill in the Parliament. But, we will definitely stop it from moving ahead. Actually, if such proposal comes from the people of the state and we have asked the Centre to implement it, then it can be justified. But, Centre has made a big mistake by forcing its decision on the people of the state for its political gains. Hence being their representatives, we will fight it out and ensure justice to them. The way Congress is trying to gather support for the T-Bill, same way we also will meet the opposition parties, explain them how the bifurcation of the state is going to impact the lives of crores of Telugu people and seek their support to stop the bill in Parliament. If necessary we will knock the doors of Supreme Court to stop the bill.”


This is the first sign that hints the bill has to face legal battle also in the courts. If, legal battle is started one can’t say what would be the outcome and then whether Congress will be able to push the bill through Parliament.

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