Shield your Skin this Winter!



With the onset of the winter season the, climate becomes more harsh and dry mostly towards our skin. Skin being the most easily exposed, is most affected and its vital moisture and oils are snatched away!

Your skin also needs moisturizing during the winter chills, so it is advisable to use oil-based creams; a wise choice is to be made among oils as certain clog facial pores. Avocado oil, mineral oil, primrose oil and almond oils are amongst the advisable oils!

Just because it is not summer-time we need not put away the sunscreen lotions. They are very much needed during the winter also the sun and snow glare do the same damage to our skin as the hot sun does during summer. But the sunscreen with a lower SPF is advisable i.e., above 20 SPF!

Try covering your limb extremities with woolens, start with cotton thermals and then switch to wool as wool may cause irritation. Wearing wet socks and gloves is most likely to invite problems; it flares up skin irritation and diseases like, itching, cracking and eczema.

Most of us apply various peels and replenishing packs while, most of these masks, alcohol-based toners and astringents also evaporate the moisture from the skin. Instead of these masks it is advisable to use cleansing milk or foaming cleansers which are devoid of alcohol.

When the temperature drops down, taking steaming hot baths feels great. But the saddening fact behind these super hot baths is that they break down the lipid barriers and the snatch away the moisture and making the skin all the more dry and life-less!

Protect your skin and look stunning round the year!

Take Care!!


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