Red Enhances Women Charisma

Publish Date:May 21, 2015

According to some research studies, it is found that men are more attracted towards women in red dress as it enhances beauty and make them look vibrant.

Psychologists at Central China Normal University, in Wuhan, China, showed 280  students 32 pictures of the opposite gender and asked them to rate them according to how attractive they found them. The people in the photos were wearing blue, red or white.

Male students found ‘feminine’ women wearing red the most attractive and also rated them highest for looking ‘warm’ and competent.

Leading author Dr. Fangfang disclosed that the color red gives boosting effect on the attractiveness of women. In addition, regardless of dimorphism cues, male participants rated women with red as warmer and more competent. Red has been associated with romance, passion, lust and fertility across nearly every long-standing civilization.

 He also suggested “use red to quickly and easily attract a mate. Pay attention to the colors you wear. Incorporate a little crimson, burgundy, cardinal, rose, and wine color into your wardrobe. Make use of the color of love and get the most of it.”

..................Srikar Palwai

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