Is Rahul helping party or pulling it down?

Publish Date:Dec 28, 2013




Several times in the past Congress party had embarrassment from its own vice president Rahul Gandhi’s remarks. His ‘nonsense’ remark made against the ordinance passed by own government has come as a blow to party. Then his statement about ISI terrorists moving free around the Muslim youth victims of Muzaffar Nagar riots made the party run for cover.


Now to add an essence to his speech on fight against corruption, he condemned the Maharashtra Congress government’s decision of rejecting the judiciary report tabled by the two member commission on Adarsh Housing Scam.

Now, in an attempt to steal the show of fight against corruption, “I disagree with Maharashtra government’s decision. I suggest it to have a re-look into it,” said Rahul Gandhi during press conference held on Thursday. Maharashtra Chief Minister Pridviraj Chavan, who is sitting beside him find it hard to digest Rahul Gandhi pass such remarks against his government. He told the poking media “I will discuss about this issue with my colleagues after I return home.”


There are four former Congress Chief Ministers- late Vilasrao Deshmukh, Shivajirao Patil Nilangekar, Sushilkumar Shinde (present home minister), Ashok Chavan and state Ministers Rajesh Tope and Sunil Tatkare of NCP found involved in this scam. There are number of top bureaucrat’s takes part in this shady deal. Even Indian diplomat Devayani Kobragade also has procured a flat in this Adarsh Housing society meant for war widows.


Maharashtra government has appointed a two member commission led by former justice of Bombay High Court to study and submit a report on this scam, succumbing to opposition parties’ pressures. However, Maharashtra government has simply brushed out the commission report tabled before state Assembly in the last week. 


Maharashtra Chief Minister can’t ignore or reject his party vice president Rahul Gandhi’s suggestion. At the same time he can’t afford to open the Pandora Box that once again brings out devil out of it, that too when general elections are round the corner. So, the question is whether Rahul Gandhi is trying to bail out his party in 2014 elections or pulling its leg unknowingly?

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