PM will run away like Nirav, Mallya- Modi


Congress president Rahul Gandhi has stepped on the accelator in criticising Modi. Addressing a rally of booth level congress workers in Mumbai, Mr. Gandhi was heard blazing guns against Modi. “In 2014, PM said that he will be the watchman of the country. Look how everyone is laughing at it. Because he is the watchman for 15-20 richest of Indians,” said Rahul citing the growing NPA’s at the banks. Further he claimed that “He (Prime Minister) too will run away from India like them (Modi and Mallya).” Rahul assured the workers that Congress along with a combined opposition would defeat Modi in upcoming elections. He even reminded the treatment of L.K.Advani in the hands of Modi in recent functions. Well! After all these allegations, it would be interesting to see the reaction from Modi and rest of the BJP.