Playable Guitar T-shirt

Publish Date:Jul 15, 2013

Forget taking along your guitar wherever you go! The new 'Playable Guitar T-shirt' comes with built-in real electric guitar strings right into your shirt. You can play real chords and the mini amp goes all the way up to 11. The makers of this T-Shirt are of the reputable brand of ThinkGeek who have a name in producing creative products such as this one.

You needn’t  always have to turn on your iPod for good music. You may play your favourite tunes and at the same time, learn some real guitar as well. What not compose music of your own? The Playable Guitar T-shirt has speakers around its belt. You may Strum by touching the string area on the front of the shirt. Play all major chords and when its time to wash, you may easily remove all the electronic components. It requires 4 AAA batteries and apart the tech specs, its decently priced for $29.99 which is roughly Rs 1700.

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