One-day Detox Therapy




Feeling tired and irritated ?Are you prone to frequent allergies and infections? Having menstrual or digestive problems? Going through a feeling of disorientation and mental fatigue? In all probabilities your body could be saying I am tired and I need a break! As we get caught up with our daily house-work-family routine we just go off track with our health and when the toxins in our body get accumulated and its time to flush it out and feed it healthy nutrients.

All you need is a good Detox to get you back on track and feel energetic again.

Detoxification  involves clearing impurities from the blood boosting the liver function and thereby eliminating impurities from the blood. It is necessary to detox once a year like we do in our religious rituals and customs. This has been the ancient practice recommended by Ayurveda also as a good system cleansing practice to be followed by adults.

Note: Pregnant and feeding mothers, children below 12 and people suffering with terminal and chronic diseases should not do it.

Try this One-Day Veg &Fruit detoxification program

Choose one day in  a week other than the weekend to detox.

Step 1-Pick any of your favourite fruits and vegetables. Keep some whole fruits like apple, kiwi, pears and the seasonal ones available at that time to eat as it as and choose the high water content ones like melons pineapples , oranges and musk melons  for making into juices.Do not mix sugar or use any of those sugar free pellets. If the you think the juices are thick you could dilute them with water.

Step 2- Pick you favourite veggies like carrots, cucumber, beetroot and tomatoes-these can be made into juices and you could keep some long with radishes and capsicum and  celery for salads. You could also look at adding some raisins and nuts and for the burst of freshness. Try combining some fruits and vegetables if you like. Avoid too much of dressing with oils or mayo- may be  some lemon juice with salt and pepper or a spoon of honey for improving the taste should do.

Step-3- Green tea or herbal tea bags and hot water for the in between drinking .Since the juices are cold the herbal tea would be used as a warm drink to keep you active. Green tea is wonderful detoxifying- agent and can be had regularly.

Step Detox -Now that you have your juices and cut fruit and vegetables ready .You can start the Detox session. You can start with a juice first and alternate that way with a juice and bowl of cut fruit or salad. Drink and eat as much as you want so you do not get hungry.

Tea in Between: The herbal or green teas are for drinking in-between and for the evenings. But remember just 2 hours before you go to bed stop the juices and sip only herbal tea. Drinking juices which have sugar in them may stop you from falling asleep in the night.

And your dose of H2O should also be had in between to clean your system. Drink at least 2 litres of water throughout the day if you can and complete your detox program.

Try this for one day and feel the benefits of this internal cleansing regime!



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