Managing Psoriasis and your co-workers


Apart from the carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back pain, dry-eye syndrome etc., the current workplace disease which is afflicting many people is Psorasis! It is a chronic skin disease of scaling and inflammation that affects adults and sometimes children also and appears equally in males and females.

Psoriasis results in patches of thick, red (inflamed) skin covered with silvery scales. These patches, which are sometimes referred to as plaques, usually itch or feel sore. They most often occur on the elbows, knees, other parts of the legs, scalp, lower back, face, palms, and soles of the feet, but they can occur anywhere on the body. 

There are several reasons why psoriasis occurs and sometimes it is also a hereditary factor. But the latest trend is that it is affecting people at work. Long hours in the air conditioned environment, stress and lack of sunlight and natural surroundings seems to have offset this condition among workers. The patchy and scaly skin looks a bit unpleasant and your co workers could be put off by this condition. But not many people know that it’s NOT contagious or dangerous and only the patches tend to itch and scale where it makes for a slightly distasteful sight.

How you manage psoriasis at your  workplace and educate your co works can be quite a challenge. Presenting a few tips as to how you can cope with your job and interaction with your bosses and coworkers about the disease.

->First and foremost communication is the key- The sooner you tell your boss and colleagues the better. There is no need to feel uncomfortable or scared since not many know about the condition. The benefits are that you can correct misconceptions and put them at ease, gain support from your colleagues and make it a more conducive place to work for everyone. Education people at work is the most best thing you can do for everyone at work.

->Be relaxed and let you colleagues know that psoriasis isn't contagious and let them know how it itches and inflames causing great discomfort to you. 

-> Concentrate on your task which requires priority. Don’t expel you energy completely as the stress and strain can cause the rashes to inflame further.

->Stay calm and don't let negative thoughts control of you. The more positive and calm you are, the less the irritation from the disease. It is known that if you are agitated the condition also worsens with more signs of itchiness. Remove the focus off from the disease and make it a regular practice.

Talk to your dermatologist for proper treatment and care and also keep yourself informed the latest cures about psoriasis. Alternate cures like Homeopathy, Ayurveda could also be tried. The latest holistic approach in treating diseases like positive affirmations and other such techniques can be quite beneficial in keeping you calm and dealing with the stress of Psoriasis.

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