Keep cool with Khus shades




With the onset of summer not too far away, we are busy getting our ACs serviced, buying the earthen pots for the naturally cool water and changing our curtains to something more heavy to block the heat. How many of us remember the old Khus khus mats or the woven vettiver mats which were hung on the doors and windows where water would be sprinkled on to them to let the cool air in?

A wonderful option to keep your house naturally cool, these naturally cool shades not only provides cool air but also a pleasant fragrance even though it could get a bit messy with water trickling on your floor.

You can hang these khus mats or curtains to cool your home. All you need to is sprinkle water on these curtains till they are completely wet. Leave the windows or doors that it is hung over, open. Let the hot breeze flow into the wet khus curtain and feel the breeze coming into the house catches the wonderful fragrance of khus and diffuses it in the house leaving the house smelling lovely and feeling cool.

Khus  which is known as vetiveria zizanioides in the botanical terms and belongs the same family as lemongrass, citronella and palmarosa. It is also commonly used in aroma therapy and perfumes. It is acts like a cooling agent, treating insomnia and stress and also works as a blood purifier. 

A grass that grows up to six feet in length and like all grass it has fibrous roots that grow deep in the earth. The woody fragrance comes from the tiny rootlets which are filled with the sweet, deep rich fragrant enzymes.

The roots of the khus plant are woven into long mats in different sizes and sold in the markets. A very common item sold till a decade ago this now soon- to- become- extinct natural shade is available in the old parts of the cities. It is also used to make hand –fans sandals, hats, and decorative baskets. The roots are packed up in sachets which can be placed in cupboards also used as loofahs to scrub the body.These can also be obtained in your organic produce stores which are now very popular.

You could also  find these in the smaller towns and if you have the opportunity do pick them up, as they stay for a longtime and do not spoil for many years. The mats can be rolled and stored in dry cool places in your attic and reused for the coming summers.

And think about the electricity bills you can save!

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