A Tamilian will become next PM: Jayalalitha

Publish Date:Dec 21, 2013



Tamilnadu Chief Minister and president of AIADMK Kum.Jaylalitha strongly believe that the next Prime Minister of India would be definitely a Tamilian. Speaking to her party cadres at Chennai, “So far many from other states have ruled the country as Prime Ministers. Now it is time for a Tamilian to take charge of that post. The future of our country lies in our party hands. I am sure if we are determined and put some collective effort definitely we can win 40 MP seats in our state and in Puducherry. Then we can decide whom to make Prime Minister of the country. Hence, our party will contest alone in the 2014 general elections without having any poll alliances with any party."


"I think this will definitely give an edge for our party over the others.” Although, Jayalalitha doesn’t spell openly about her interest for Prime Minister Post, her address to the party cadres clearly hints that she is also in PM race.


Besides Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi there are P. Chidambaram, Mulayam Singh, Nitish Kumar, Mayawati, Mamata Benarji and even Laloo Prasad are also in PM race. Now, Jayalalitha also adds her name to this length list of aspirants. However, it depends on which front will win the next elections.

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