5 tips to managing your monthly budget

Publish Date:Feb 14, 2013


Planning is very important in order to keep the functioning of a house streamlined. Systematically thinking about financial planning can help a household immensely.

Running a household is a collective effort. So when you are thinking of savings, it becomes important to jot down things that matter most to your financial wellbeing. Here is a quick look at how you can plan your budget well:
1. Before withdrawing the salary from the ATM as soon as it arrives, just make a list of must do things for the month that may include your home loan EMIs or any other investment commitments.
2. Keep some money extra (even Rs 500 a month can yield you good results after couple of months) so that whenever you are required to pay your insurance premium, you have some surplus amount in hand.
3. Give priority to children's health and education related expense. At the same time, think about your expenses too.
4. Try not to get too tempted by offers in the market. Satisfy yourself with window shopping if you do not really require any product or service for that matter.
5. Plan your vacation well in advance so that you can save on your air travel fare. This really acts as a motivator. And enjoy life while saving.
Courtesy: TOI