Indians At Public Places

Publish Date:Jul 9, 2015

Guys!! Guess what!!

I had been to the airport recently and believe me, the variety of people i have seen is ridiculous!

I mean c’mon we are Indians!! We are born to be weird and different!! ;)

I was at the departures to give a send-off to my grandparents who were leaving for the US and i saw all kinds of people. From those who care too much about their kids leaving for the first time that they can’t stand a minute without giving instructions, asking them to check their luggage every 2 seconds to those parents who don’t even care where their 5 year old baby girl wanders off through the airport. Then we get to pay the price, bear the loud wails of the girl!!!!

So here is the list of some common basic types of Indians we generally find at any public place!!

1.    The Friends!

I love this kind the most! By the friends, i mean those who are the sweetest people you will ever meet!Sometimes you wish they could be your friends forever. They are the ones with all the good manners one can have. Using the words sorry and thank you at the right time. Smiling a lot.In a way most of Indians are!

2.    The Starers!

This type of people are the creepiest. They stare you down to death. You can sense that you are being watched. But all you can do is just try to ignore and keep checking if he still is staring.. And yes!! he bloody is!!. Its like a freakin’ horror movie!

3..   The Baby-Handlers

I don’t get this type!! When you can’t handle your own baby, why do you bring it to a place where you know there will be hell loads of people. The moment the baby starts wailing, its like the world is creeping in on us!! No offense, but i personally hate the sound of little babies crying!!

(See i am such an angel!! I can’t stand anybody sad or crying!! ;-);-)

4.     The Instruction-Maniacs

These are the kind of people who just love following instructions and rules. I mean yes, its good to follow the instructions but not so pinned down that it causes inconvenience.

As i told you i had been to the airport, i saw this guy who after collecting his boarding pass came back to his family and was filling some kind of form. Well obviously it turned into a round-table conference where they were discussing the most important topic as to what has to be filled in each and every blank!! There were suggestions, arguments, some copying from  other passenger standing next to him!! He could have filled what he knew.(I am sure he must have known his name and address and stuff:-)

All he did was make a complete mess,continuously striking out and panicking when he did not know what was the full form of DOB

(DOB in the form meant date of boarding. I am sure half of you thought it was date of birth,didn’t you?)

5.     The Non-Flushers!

I disgust this kind! Why cant people just make an effort to keep their surroundings clean. Washrooms are the places i dread to go when i am out. I wonder if people don’t know how to flush or even know if it exists.

6.     The Attention Seekers

I often find people with very loud voice that they tend to draw your attention. Especially when they are own their phone, They speak so loudly that probably the person on the other side can hear them directly without even the device. They don’t even care if there are people around them. They are happy in their own world!

7.      The Hitters

These are parents who have zero tolerance levels. The moment the kid does something that the parent does not like(it might not be wrong, just wrong in the parent’s perspective), A whack on the bottom!!

Recently i have seen this lady on the side of the road with her boy. She was having ice-cream,(not the child) and the boy was just having his own time. He was jumping up and down. She didn’t like it. We know the rest of the story, don’t we?

8..   The Self-obsessed

These are people (especially girls) who think they are the most beautiful and the world is looking at them right now. They walk so timidly like a bride on the aisle , Sometimes its funny to see them.(And that’s why we see them!!).

Well these are the people i have frequently observed!! There might be many other types!! after all everyone is different! ;-)

Indians are full of entertainment! And i love that about us. Proud to be one;-)

PS-this article contains only weird types but there are a lot of more sensible types too.i will meet you next week with another article, until then this is Sanjana signing off!!




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