Publish Date:Jan 5, 2015

Everyone of us should love the body god has given us. But, in today’s world it has become important to stay in shape. We have all tried many things to get that perfect body. Special diets, exercises and everything that is prescribed for weight loss. There’s one thing that no one has probably told you. A simple act of breathing can cut down the fat from your body. This is not my prescription. The University of New South Wales has declared this after several experiments. To get rid of excess weight, the body needs to unlock triglyceride molecules. Research proves that oxidation assists this process to accelerate weight loss. The trick is, for every 10 kilos of fat that is oxidized, 8.4 kilos of fat is out of the body in the form of carbon dioxide. The remaining 1.6 kilos turns into water. The amount of oxygen taken in should be more than the fat you aim to lose.


It is revealed through this research that, the lungs are the primary excretory organs for weight loss. So take advantage of this fact and put your lungs to work! Losing weight has never been so easy, has it? 


Kruti Beesam 

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