Have you heard about Holland Codes?

Publish Date:Jul 12, 2016

 No two people on earth can be similar. Because, everyone on this planet has a unique character of his own! But people can certainly be bifurcated into different categories based on their traits. An American psychologist named John Holland has moved further ahead. He suggested that people of some traits are more suitable to certain occupations. Holland divided people into six different categories for this purpose. And he used the acronym RIASEC to let those divisions be remembered.

R for Realistic
People falling under this category are `Doers’. They are practical and realistic and do not live in an imaginary world. They are hard working and love to work even on outdoors. They are interested in things rather than ideas. Driving, Agriculture, Carpentry are some of the categories that suit such personalities.

I for Investigative
Such people are curious in nature and logical in thinking. They love to explore and investigate. They like to research and experiment. Biology, Computer Programming, Mathematics are some of the examples for the fields in which Investigative people can excel.

A for Artistic
These are the ones who love to create something. They prefer imagination and creativity. They love to change the existing circumstance or create a new one. They are spontaneous in thought and aesthetic in sense. There need not be much hustle to determine the fields in which such people are well suited. Creative fields such as Writing, Editing, Dancing, Music composing etc are well suited for such people.

S for Social
People who fall under this category either excel or dominate in a social environment. They are philanthropic in nature and have a caring attitude. They are generous and service oriented. They are more suitable in social organisations such as hospitals (as nurse), schools (as teachers or caretakers). These are the people best suited for voluntary or non government organisations.

E for Enterprising
As the name indicates, these people are the ones who love to lead, motivate and persuade others to do things. They are energetic in nature and dominant over others. They are ambitious in their pursuits and brave in their decisions. Marketing agents, Managers, Investors, Bankers, Businessmen... would be the positions suitable for people with an `Enterprising’ character.

C for Conventional
These are the ones who love to follow the rules. They want the things to be in order as per set rules. They are organised and strive to keep their environment in a structured pattern. They are in one word... the `Organisers’. Such people are highly needed for the smooth functioning of an organisation. Clerks, Accountants, Secretaries, Office Assistants... would all fall under the category suitable for conventional people.

 Well! These Holland Codes need not affect our judgement while choosing a career. But they are certainly helpful in forming one. Various Educational institutions and Government departments in Europe keep the RIASEC in mind while training their students and employees.

- Nirjara


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