Rule to abide by regarding Food!!



Here are some food rules you must swear by! These are simple tips which enrich your diets! It is said that phytonutrients are pivot in fighting cancer, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol; and enhancing memory By sticking to these five rules we can supplement these prodigious phytonutrients into our diets.

Look out for dark colored fruits and vegetables like; blueberries, cranberries, grapes etc... These have anthocyanins which are more beneficial than other nutrients!

A common practice is to peel off the carrot. Astonishingly, the nutrients found in its peel equal the nutrients found in a carrot as a whole!

We tend to avoid bitterness; these veggies have more amounts of calcium and antioxidants. Well, it is best to start with minimal amounts of these bitter veggies.

Though we are brainy, we miss out certain facts, the vegetables we harvest are still alive, it is best to store lettuce by ripping, as the lettuce perceives it as an animal attack and produces four times the amount of antioxidant.

It is a bad practice to toss in garlic cloves into hot oil, instead finely chop it and let it rest for few minutes which allows chemical reaction thus producing an enzyme which reduce the risk of cancer!

These five thumb rules of food-eating are indeed of great help!! 

Take Care!!

- Siri

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