Healthy Brain with Hot Chocolate!

Publish Date:Nov 14, 2013




.....kalam dhari


A recent study has suggested that drinking two cups of hot chocolate every day can help elderly people in keeping their brains healthy. The survey participants were reportedly given two cups of hot cocoa per day for one month and they were not given any other chocolate during this period. They were also given tests related to memory and thinking skills and also ultrasounds tests for measuring the amount of blood flow into the brain.



The researchers had found that most of 60 participants who had impaired blood flow during the start the study, witnessed an 8.3-percent improvement by the end of this study.  They also showed an improvement on a test of working memory. It is especially a welcome input that aged people when given hot chocolate, it keeps their brain healthy. Hence it’s time we offer our elderly people hot chocolate and
boost their memory and health levels!

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