Jogging – A great form of workout!



If your New Year resolution was to improve your fitness, then here we give you the one of the best suited workout form, which besides being fun is a great form of workout. Jogging is labeled as one of the best form of exercise as tit does not require any kind of special equipments. Moreover, it exposes you to the fresh air and gives full freedom for your fitness levels! Besides being a fun filled workout, jogging also has varied health benefits. It improves your cardiovascular fitness, reduces the risk of hear diseases, builds up mental fitness, and boosts up the immune systems.

Now, before resorting to jogging there certain thumb-rules to be followed:

First and foremost a good pair of running shoes is needed. In fact, a pair of running shoes can make or break your workout! A good pair of shoes reduces the impact on your joints, feet and blow up your performance as well! Pick up a pair of running shoes which are comfortable for you and have considerable cushioning on sole.

Jogging all alone might lead to the loss of motivation to continue jogging. So either rope in a partner for jogging who is almost at same level of fitness, such that none of you feel inferior. Not everyone is lucky to find a perfect companion, in such a case carry a good playlist of your favorite songs, a perfect companion for your jog!

Further more, the dressing holds lots of importance. Dress according to the weather. Many people do say ‘you will warm up in no time’ but it does not hold good for jogging. Going for a jog with a sweatshirt and shorts in cold weather is not at all advisable, as you will end up returning with cold! Putting on few layers will not pull down with weight!

Make sure you give your body adequate rest, as jogging is a high-impact exercise. You need to give your legs and joints time to rest and become robust yet again. Ideally two days off in week is advisable!

Take Care!!

- Siri

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