Headache - The most common Demon!

The occurence of headcahes is very common. WHO states that tension headaches are the second most disabling condition in the world, with migraine being third.

When headache strike what hurts is not the brain because brain lack pain-sensitive nerves. but several areas over head including scalp, face, mouth and throat may hurt due to the presence of pain-sensitive nerve fibres.

It might be shocking to know that there are different types of headaches!

1. Migraine - A migraine headache is throbbing pain, usually localised to one side of the head, which may be severe and last from few hours to days. It may be accompanied with nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and noise and visual disturbances. This runs in families, and women are most likely to be afffect when compared to men!

2. Cluster Headaches - These aren't common. They are one-sided stabbing pain that last for an hour or two. They may occur one or more times  a day for a few days or weeks to months, sometimes at the same time of day also, hence the term 'cluster'. They are more prevalent in men than women.

3. Tension Headache - The most common form of headache, which is caused bymuscle tension in head neck and shoulders. It is steady, non-throbbing mild to moderate pain on both sides of the head. It may be caused by stressfull situations, thus also called stress-headache.

4. Hormonal Headaches and Migraine - Few women experience headaches and migraines simultaneously at times when their hormae levels go haywire, usually during menustruation. we are yet to find out what is triggering these demons on women!

5. Exertion Headache - some poeple experience headaches post -physical strain, though these are harmless, but at times they might be due to the underlying bleed, tumours or arterial disorders. It is best advised to ee a doctor when you are striked by exertion headache.

6. Eye-strain Headache - Seen in poeple who do not address their visual problem wit prescribed glasses or contact lens. It causes pain and heaviness around the eye. Some eye conditions such glaucoma, astigmatism and presbyopia can also cause headache.

7. Secondary Headache - Secondary headaches are a common symptom secondary disorders, such as sinus infections, severe hypertension, inflammation of the temporal artery and hangover.

Take Care!! Stay Healthy!!

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