Publish Date:Dec 31, 2015


Some people look into New Year as just another day, while some others treat it as an occasion to celebrate. But New Year can be more than that! It can be a time to review the past and plan the future. This is how!


The past year resolutions:

We start every Year with great hope and huge resolutions. But, ‘Have we achieved them as the time passed?’ should be the question that shouldn’t be evaded. As the year comes to an end, let’s list out the decisions we have made while we started the year. Let’s judge the way we have complied on to them. From purchasing a bike to attaining a promotion… let’s review our goals. Let’s rejoice if we have achieved a few of them and let’s think of the cause if we couldn’t make some of them.

The changes that occurred:

Life moves on from year to year. It gathers something and looses something else, while it makes a move. Take a note of the changes that took place in your life this year. You might have to do more exercise if you have gathered some weight. You may have to start some savings if you are blessed with a child. Make sure that you have decided to act according to every change that took place this year.

Resolutions for the New Year:

‘How you wish to see yourselves after a year?’ would always depend on your goals. Whether it’s your health or your bank account… get committed to certain resolutions for the New Year. It’s better to spend some time to think of your goals for the future. Then write them down on a safe piece of paper. Being committed to achieve some goals would add certain discipline to our effort. Be precise in setting your targets. Ambiguous targets would reduce their intensity. For example: Don’t just resolve to reduce your weight. Instead state a number and time limit such as ‘I wish to shed 15 kgs of weight by the coming Christmas’! Be sure that you are making resolutions that are achievable.

Keep in touch:

As the New Year celebrations fade out, don’t let your resolutions die too!  Create an action plan to achieve each of your resolution. Review them for at least once in a fortnight. Assess your movement towards the goal. Mark your progress or deviations from the goal. Make needed adjustments as your time and strength demands.History has always proved that people who have planned have always achieved. Let’s prove it again this New Year!

- Nirjara.

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