3 Golden Rules That Happy People Follow 


Have you ever come across a few people who are always happy and smiling? Yes! Right – Does it mean, they do not have problems at all? Absolutely No – It’s just that they know how to deal with the unfortunate and depressing situations they come across. They have actually mastered those skills. So what are the 3 things “Happy People Do”?

They live in the present – Confused?



Well! All of us are worried only about tomorrow and miss out on enjoying the present. But Happy People are joyful and extract the maximum out of the present situation.

They take the sole responsibility of their Feelings – Surprised?

Imagine that you have received a good bonus! How will you feel? Extremely happy right? That means your Inner State of Mind is Happy.

On the contrary – Now imagine that your boss scolded you badly this morning! How will you feel? Extremely sad right? That means your Inner State of Mind is Sad.

So now it is clear that – happiness or sorrow is within us and happy people know to control their inner feelings very well.

They manage themselves & not others – Smiling Already!



Think of a person extremely close to you. They can be your Parents, Spouse, Kids, and Friends etc – Can you control that person 100% or can you at least make them do those things which only you feel is correct? Absolutely no right – Then why keep expectations and later get disappointed. Happy people keep their expectations very low.

Next time when you feel sad or dejected – remember the 3 Golden Rules and we are sure you will start smiling!