Juicing for health

What is Juicing all about? Is it just extracting fruit juice, and mixing something sweet and enjoying the taste ! What about the pulp, the fibers and why extra sugar? Why is everyone who is health conscious talking about Juicing , even many Television Shopping programs are advertising Juicers and showcasing different juicing techniques and trends? Looks like there is so much more to juicing than we could imagine...the difference being, the powerful nutritional value we will find in every glass of a healthy juice.

Juicing is basically a simple extraction of juice from a fresh fruit or vegetable, involving a no-heat or no-processing method of simply grinding the ingredients, without discarding the fibres and not adding any additional sugars, except for those sweet tasting fruits or dry fruits. Due to which, the full complement of minerals, vitamins, enzymes, phytonutrients and biophotons ( energy absorbed from sun rays by plants) are preserved in the juice extracted and consumed as a power-house by us, delivering a variety of rewards to our overall health, and lasting health benefits. Juicing technique allows human bodies to fully absorb the vital nutrients much more rapidly and completely than through those consumed after cooking, and in solid form.



Fruits and vegetables support our immune system while boosting energy and mental clarity. They also fight toxicity by providing antioxidants and cover up for lack of nutrient supply, which are two fundamental factors implicated with Chronic diseases such as cancers, heart disease, arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic pain and fatigue. Juicing not only makes it easier to consume a variety of vegetables and fruits in a single serving and also the daily nutrition requirement without having to take multiple supplements for each vitamin or mineral. Sametime, Juicing mixes the not-so-favorite items with the favorite ones and makes things simpler.

1.Investing in a Juicer that doesnot separate fibres is a good investment. Some juicers come with single serve cups which make it easier to make juice for just one or two persons and not having to clean a whole jar, instead it is just a small cup to wash.

2.Considering Organic and Non-GMO produce is a healthy option atleast for juicing purposes. Based on the Sugar needs of ones body, sweet fruits are better kept limited in use. Focus on dark, leafy greens such a Spinach, Kale, Coriander etc which we usually consume very little in our regular meals, as they have high nutritional value.

Juicing is an excellent way of implementing a diet program for overall health...try choosing your favorite recipe among thousands on the web, based on your nutrient requirements and start off on your Get Healthy, Flush out Toxins Spree with Juicing !!


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