Flokati Rugs for your Homes



The latest entrant into home Décor trends is the Shag rugs which have made its way into the international home décor market. It is actually know as flokati a type of rug made with wool, which has been in existence in Greece for centuries. Flokati rugs were cherished as family treasures, and have been a part of brides' dowries and used as wall-hangings and bed covers as well as rugs in Greek tradition. In the current form with its woolly texture and softness, the material is being used as a pillow cover or as a rug to add softness for the feet. In whatever form this bushy soft material has made its way into many homes.

Real flokati shag rugs are made with wool -they begin with pure natural sheep's wool that's spun into yarn, and woven to create long loops. The distinctive Flokati pile is then cut by hand. After which a unique process is followed where every Flokati is carried to mountain waterfalls where it's washed for hours in deep vats. The swirling stream fluffs the long yarns into luxurious lively softness. This is the original Flokati technique, but these are extremely expensive and what we get in the market are the nylon and artificially made ones which make up for the original one.

Whether your house has a modern touch or a fusion of your native and traditional décor you can use this shag rug on your floor or wrap your special cozy chair with this fabric for the soft and velvety warmth and charm it provides. With new pastel colour schema s that have come you could also look at placing this on your wall and another variation of the rug is for the new born babies where you could put baby on it! But don’t forget to clean the rugs periodically with the vacuum cleaner or use a plastic rake to clean the soft wool and dust it.


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