Work Place can be Work out space too



Busy life, Work starts at 9, we start off with improper breakfast and rush to work by some local train or cab or personal vehicle.

From then all our work at desk makes us stick to a place, where there's no moment Physically and mentally as well, because your brain is occupied with lot of work stress. This cycle not only ruins your health but your mental abilities as well . Here are few steps which you can follow at your workplace and become Fit and Firm.

1. One of the best ways, always choose stairs instead of taking the elevator.

2. The inflatable exercise balls helps you make an effort to sit straight. People tend to slouch and use bad posture, and sitting in a chair puts your abs on 'slack' and decreases core strength. Using this ball counteracts  both of these things.
3. You can try Triceps desk dips, and shoulder spin while you're at desk work.

4. Keep moving in your office, don't just get stick up at a place.

5. Raising your hands  and stretching your body can help you burn some calories.

6. Laugh Happily, Yes it burns few calories too.

7. An hour of standing  while working can help to burn few calories.

8. If you can't take time for gym after office. Just keep dumb-bells at your desk. Helps your muscles and body to be active.

9. Avoid diet sodas and choose a bowl of fruits from Office Pantry.

10. Sit up straight with your shoulders back and abs tight, helps burn some calories.

11. Why Bike ? Try cycling helps you to stay fit, reduce stress.

Try these simple methods, you'll definitely get good results. Stay Health. Stay Happy.  


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