T-Bill is not defeated: Digvijay Singh

Publish Date:Jan 30, 2014



After news broke about Telangana bill rejection by both the houses, Congress state political in-charge Digvijay Singh promptly responded to it. Speaking to media he said “With this a major part of the bifurcation process has come to an end. State Assembly has successfully completed its duty. Now, Centre will take care of the bill and present it in the Parliament as soon as possible.”


Replying to media questions, “Actually, the T-Bill was sent to state Assembly only to take its views and not for any voting. So, the resolution passed by it will not be an obstacle in processing the T-Bill. Centre has the power to divide the state using Article 3. Actually, no voting has been conducted on the T-Bill, but the house has just passed the resolution moved by CM Kiran Kumar Reddy opposing the bill. So, one should understand this difference between voting on the bill and passing a resolution moved by a member of the house. Since, we have let our leaders to express their views on the T-Bill, there is no question of taking action against anyone including CM Kiran Kumar Reddy in this regard. We are communicating with our state leaders over stalling independent candidates against party candidates for Rajya Sabha elections,” said Digvijay singh to media at New Delhi.

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