A video for Delhi CM that mocks him

Publish Date:Apr 22, 2016


Have you ever seen Arvind Kejriwal’s advertisement in a Telugu newspaper and wondered why it was there. Have you ever surprised at the manner in which Kejriwal slams at everyone on twitter. Well! We might have thought that it’s none of our business, because he is not our CM. But a person Ajay Sherawat from Delhi seems to have enough of his CM’s publicity. He shot a video slamming the CM and sent it to Arvind Sa’ab. Ajay in his video was clearly upset about the publicity mania of Kejriwal. He feels that someone should be ashamed to look so many posters of his own face. He even alleged that publicity calls from Kejriwal have crossed their limit. ‘Even my girl friend won’t call me that many of times’ said Ajit. He calls Kejriwal as Mayawati of Delhi who is passionate about publicity.

Ajit suggests that if Kejriwal is really capable of good administration, he need not go for cheap publicity. Ajit feels that though Kejriwal was a crusader before, he has completely changed after becoming the CM. He has promised to provide shelters for poor, but the promise was gone in vain. He could have provided many shelters with the amount that was spent of publicity. Ajit even has pointed out at the odd-even vehicle policy of Kejriwal. He says that it was only temporary option and the CM should pursue more sustainable choices to curb pollution. Ajit feels that kejriwal is getting rude and is not showing a good example for the present day youth. Finally he hopes that Kejriwal would realise his adversities by now and would rule the next four years in a proper way, as he enjoys considerable majority. Hope that Arvind has watched this video!

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