Cool it with Cucumber


Cucumber is a prominent member of the gourd family. Gourds have been a major part of the home cuisine from time immemorial these are merely consumed because of the low price tag but the least known fact is that they are also nutritionally very rich.

Here is why you should grab some cucumber slices onto your platter:

They play a prime role in reducing joint pains and eventually subside arthritis and gout too!

Is your Lipid profile scaring you of elevated cholesterol? Include cucumber to your diet to maintain it just right

It also aids in weight-loss, when you consume this watery veggie you tend to feel full because of its fiber and water content and thus eat less of the weight putting on food!

It helps in keeping constipation at bay! All credits to its fiber which promotes digestion and proper bowel movements

Cucumber boosts of some special ingredients which curtail the head-banging headaches!

Want silky and shining hair? Make sure to include cucumber in your diet plans!

Cucumber also fights off Diabetes and Cancer, two of the most dreaded diseases of our times!

Its consumption also maintains the blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart diseases

Cucumbers are foods that are vital for remineralizing and rehydrating your body! These are perfect after workout foods!

Well, Cumber can be consumed at your will! No limitation applied!

Gourds are indeed Guards!!
Make it point to chew on this Cool Gourd!

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