Commendable Coconut oil

Publish Date:Nov 25, 2013

Most of us know that coconut oil is used for cooking and nourishing your tresses, apart from these uses there many uses of coconut oil which are alien to our knowledge!

Here are few to jot down. However it is important to note that these are just home remedies, they do not intend to cure or treat any kind of illness or diseases!

It is a easily available energy booster, just a spoonful will pump up your energies!

It is the best  natural moisturizer so it is used as a base for homemade body scrubs or in steam baths
It can be also used to keep your wooden chopping boards in good condition, by applying a tiny bit over them

It can also be applied over chapped lips due to its moisturizing action; it can also used as a lip balm.
Surprisingly, a tiny dab of coconut oil applied over underarms can also be used as a natural deodorant.
Instead of chemically loaded makeup removers, you can always use coconut oil which is devoid of any allergic reactions and also very feasible.

Coconut oil is also employed as a allergy soother for any kind of skin irritations or rashes, chicken pox or shingles, all are gone at the stroke of its application

Intake of coconut oil about five spoonfuls a day can remarkably improve thyroid functioning

To brighten up your face by getting rid of dark circles and sagging around eye, grab a delicate tissue dampen it in coconut oil and gently massage around your eyes

Its intake is also known to reduce the migraine attacks!

Massage it over nails and cuticle to strengthen them and makes them look stunning effortlessly!

Its regular intake along with meals helps in improve overall immune functioning, boosts absorption of vitamins and prevent constipation!

As Coconut Oil has varied uses, it is better to use this natural boon rather than expensive chemicals!!

Take Care!!



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