Will high command let Kiran stage dharna at Delhi?

Publish Date:Feb 2, 2014



Now it is confirmed that CM Kiran Kumar Reddy will hold a dharna at New Delhi on 4th February. He said that he wrote a letter to President Pranab Mukharji asking for his appointment for 4th or 5th to pursue him not allow the Centre submit the T-bill into parliament.


Now the question is will Congress high command allows him to create nuisance at New Delhi ahead of Parliament sessions? If not will Kiran drop his idea of conducting dharna and rally in New Delhi? What if he ignores to obey high command’s order? Then how Congress will react to him if he conducts dharna and rally? How many Seemandhra MPs, MLAs, Ministers will accompany him in dharna? How the absentees give explanation for not joining his dharna? There are many such questions that can get answer in the next two days.


If high command denies him permission then he may do the same at Hyderabad and submit the memorandum to Governor as an alternative plan, for which high command also may not have any objections.

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