Master the Mastermind-Brain!



Brain is one such organ that is capable of controlling the entire bodily function at time accurately and efficiently. If this mastermind fails then this huge body collapses in no time. So this organ must given extra care and pampered. The neurons undergo rapid change after forties, so pamper it like never before during your forties! Age-related brain plagues, which aid in Alzheimer’s disease, pile up from your forties!


As we can not stop ageing, let us at least make an effort to suppress these symptoms by following simple yet very useful hacks:

Stress is the biggest enemy to the brain! Stress increases the cortisol production in our body and eats away our cognitive powers like memory and learning. Meditation and or sitting aside quiet and still are two ways to become stress-free!

High blood pressure deteriorates you of your grey matter in the main areas of the brain. High shooting systolic blood pressure deprives the brain of its nutrients and blood supply.

Occasionally taking a glass of red wine is touted to be a good practice. The red wine has anti-oxidant called resveratol, which protects the neurons from the damage induces by age and environmental factors! Besides wine even dark chocolate has this wonder anti-oxidant Keep your brain busy with brain-stimulating activities like educational work. Adapt to deeds that you are not good at! Doing challenging tasks is one great way of developing new brain connections.

Feeding your brain the right food is vital. An average 40 year-old guy should consume 2 cups of fruit and 3 cups of vegetables a day! The anti-oxidants found in these fruits and vegetables prevent the wear and tear and stress of aging of the brain!

Never ever let your belly droop down with fat! Most of the people in their forties are likely to accumulate abdominal fat which leads to dementia in the long run! Hitting a gym or including a physical activity at least thrice a week is a good hack to melt the wobbly belly!

Nurture your brain and stay healthy and wealthy!

Take Care!!


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