BJP starts game on T-Bill

Publish Date:Feb 3, 2014





While, Congress is trying to highlight the point that BJP has to support the Tbill for creating Telangana state, BJP is also begins the game today. Sushma Swaraj, the BJP floor leader in Parliament speaking to media “Congress which couldn’t controle its own leaders, MPS and Chief Minister, how can it run the Parliament sessions smoothly and how can introduce the T-Bill in the house, while its own MPS are disrupting the house proceedings shouting slogans. If it could manage them all, we have no objection to co-operate to it in the house. But, when Its own CM, who rejects the bill sent by it and planning stage dharna and rallies at New Delhi, how can Congress ask for our support? First let the Congress teach discipline to its own MPS and ministers and then talk about passing the T-bill,” said Sushma Swaraj.


Her statement is another indication of change of attitude in BJP’s stand on T-bill. BJP wants to transfer the blame onto Congress for playing double game on T-bill by letting its MPs create havoc in the house.

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