Beauty and Health Tips - Direct From The Kitchen...

No kitchen is complete without that ‘dabba’ which has those lip smacking spices!


Apart from using them while cooking, did you know that they make fabulous beauty & health ingredients? No – then here are a few spices that help in enhancing beauty and staying healthy.


Turmeric :

Turmeric is packed with antiseptic properties & thus when applied on skin gives positive impact. Besides this, turmeric is a great anti-oxidant and consuming turmeric with milk daily improves immunity.


Cumin Seeds :

Cumin or Jeera not only adds tastes to food but research relieves that consuming jeera everyday promotes weight loss. In addition it improves digestion.


Cinnamon :

Loaded with anti-oxicidents, regular consumption of cinnamon increases good cholesterol like HOL and also increases blood circulation in the body. Amazingly, it also has certain properties which fight cancer.


Black Pepper :

Proudly known as king of all spices, Black pepper helps fight depression. From beauty perspective Black Pepper is very beneficial for preventing grey hair and is great for skin exfoliation.


Coriander Seeds :

Coriander Seeds are full of antibacterial and antioxidant properties that help in reducing redness in eyes.


We tend to spend more, to maintain a healthy lifestyle – whereas all the health and beauty secrets are right in the kitchen. So next time, when you have any health or beauty related problem – peep into the kitchen!

 - Teluguone Team

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