Publish Date:Jan 31, 2015

Bad breath can bring down your confidence to a great extent. So can we do something about it? Of course we can. Add some simple activities to your routine and get rid of bad breath forever!

I’ll start with the most common and obvious suggestion. Brush and floss your teeth more frequently. Plaque is identified as the primary cause of bad breath. Frequent brushing and floss can eliminate this cause. But remember not to brush aggressively. This could damage your gums, leading to other problems.

Bad breath is sometimes the result of an unclean tongue. It is important to clear the coating on your tongue everyday. This coating is the favorite place of bacteria. Scrape your tongue with a your toothbrush or use a tongue scraper. Get rid of another reason for bad breath.

Another obvious cause of bad breath is the food you eat. Stay away from foods like onion and garlic, bad breath will stay away from you. If you are thinking of brushing your teeth after eating these things then let me tell you that its useless! These are foods that travel through your bloodstream and come out of your breath. So its impossible to get rid of it that way.

Smoking causes cancer and..... Bad breath! So avoid both of them by falling out of the smoking habit. Don’t let bad breath drag you down. Take care!

-Kruti Beesam

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