Appreciate this moment

Publish Date:Aug 7, 2015

Recently, I went to shop in a super market, where I found a sales girl at the entrance welcoming me with a smile; besides, extending a warm reception, she also helped me to pick up my groceries, also picked up the fresh veggies and fruits for me and assisted me through out my shopping including billing and saw me off till my car. That was one of the pleasant shopping experiences I had so far. Her smile was so contagious that, I was also smiling through out that day. Isn't it wonderful? Some times, you go to few places, though they are massive malls, employees draw higher salaries, yet you hardly find people being so positive; By the time you are done in such places, you feel like drained out. Why is this so?

I would see this as energy which calls on a reaction in us. This energy is there in every activity we do; when we sit in a place, talk to someone, read a book or listen to music, every action of us is attached with an energy which provokes us to react. When such energies are produced, they become reason for our moods of either positive or negative, calm or agitative.

When we are contended with our life, personal or professional, our vibrations will be positive. Such vibrations in us become radiant, hence we demonstrate verve and enthusiasm in our behavior. If I relate this theory to the girl at the super market, she must be enjoying her work, happy with in or what ever the reason, she is enthusiastic, so constructive, thus became supportive to people who walk in to the store.

Nature is the best source to receive such positive energy. Sun raise in the morning, rain drops or fresh breeze any thing which makes you feel present as this feel is so important if you want to feel the energy in a positive way. When we are here and now, every thing is so beautiful and great.

Here are few more things, which can bring positive energy in life: Yoga,Meditation, Reading, Being Creative and feeling gratitude consciously. When you are vibrating positively, this is so contagious that it gets spread over and visible to the outside world. It attracts more people to you and you will bring more happiness in their lives. Isn't this so meaningful of life? This is the bigger picture of life than we actually see.

Come, let's live this moment and appreciate this moment to manifest our life with much more positive energy.


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