Sex Scandal in Gujarat BJP

In what is said to be major embarrassment to Modi and Amit Shah, the Gujarat cadre of BJP was stuck in a huge sex scandal. A 21 year old woman from Surat has made a complaint against BJP leader Jayanti Bhanushali. She accused him of subjecting her to sexual harassment and rape. And that’s not the end of the. Another BJP leader, Chhabil Patel has come out in support of the victim. “Everybody in Kutch knows about Bhanushali, who is a blackmailer and land grabber.

He has trapped many people including several leaders in honey trap at his farm house in Kutch. She is not the only girl. There are dozens of his victims and gradually they all will come forward,’’ said Mr. Patel speaking to a newspaper. However the BJP state unit fears that this scandal is going to be a blot on the party’s image in upcoming elections.