Publish Date:Jan 12, 2015

Can you think of any relation between cinnamon and diabetes? Sounds random, doesn't it? It is not as random as it sounds. Cinnamon can actually help people with diabetes. Lets find out how!

A study on people with type 2 diabetes revealed that cinnamon works to reduce blood sugar level by increasing insulin resistance. This research also revealed that if 1-6 grams of cinnamon is consumed by people with this type of diabetes, it can reduce cholesterol by 18% and insulin by 24%.

Although it is good for health, it might be difficult to include it in your diet everyday. Don’t worry! I will tell you some simple ways in which cinnamon can become a part of your food everyday.

For breakfast try oatmeal with small amounts of cinnamon stirred into it. A dash of cinnamon on whole grain toast is a very good idea for people with diabetes. Always remember that cinnamon tastes best with peanut butter or sugar-free jam on toast.    

A healthy lunch for a diabetic would be a cinnamon spread on a sandwich or some of it stirred in a tasty salad. Americans like to use cinnamon to bake their cakes. This is a good idea for healthy

celebrations. In fact it would be best to replace sugar with cinnamon in your desserts if you do not want diabetes to play with your health. For a tasty dinner that brings health, try rub powdered cinnamon on poultry, pork or beef. Add cinnamon to your food and don't let diabetes take away taste from your life!  


Kruti Beesam

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