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Some time back I had written an article on Indians at weddings. I had mentioned a few types. In this article let’s look at more strange ones.


The Fussy Photographers

These people are photographers(obviously). I don’t know if they want to show that they can really take photographs or want to just annoy us, but sometimes they  are really weird. The bride and the groom are in for treat. After getting tired from the entire ceremony and the constant advertisement for a tooth paste company showing  their teeth, these people  ask the fortunately unfortunate duo to stand in such awkward poses that it is highly embarrassing to pose and also to look at them pose. And the main part is that this is all happening in front of  the annoying aunties and the baraati chachas!!! Also sometimes they take so long to just freakin’ click the cameras that our cheeks  feel like screaming at them.

And the most annoying part is, they take photographs of me right when I open my mouth to eat. Oh.MY.GOD !! Why in the world would anybody want to see their relative eating with their mouth half open and something all around their mouth.( See,I don’t have any etiquettes while eating alright. I eat the way I like). I keep turning my back towards the video guy and the photographer and they keep coming in front me. It’s always a tom and jerry chase!!!

Actually sometimes I feel bad for these guys. Why? Because of our annoying aunties. They go like  “Bhaiyya, I should come slim and trim and also highlight my face”. “I should look like tamannah in the pictures”. The ladies frustrate them so much but what else can they do. They get paid to put up with this.

But aunties, with that “rear”, Oh please!!! Any enhancements in photographs wont work!!

The Elderly!!

With all due respect to all the elders, this is not a mockery but just a situation we get into while around you!!
This group has those dada daadis and nana nanis from both the sides. Half the marriage, they are constantly arguing if the ritual is right or wrong. “ we don’t do this in our functions.”. “We have to use yellow cloth only!! Why is there a white cloth? This is all wrong.” “This is my grand son’s wedding, it will happen according to the boys side’s policies”
All you can do is just sit and wait for them to be done with their argument and just put up with their constant nagging!!
Oh yeah, also when you come across them and your parents ask you to touch their feet, they are like
“God bless you!! What are you studying?”
“Engineering, first year”
“Oh anyway, next it is your turn only to get married!! Sujatha, You have to start searching for a boy. If it gets late, the girl will get out of hand!!
And I am standing right there,not understanding if I have to smile at this stupid joke or scorn at her attitude!! I mean c’mon, what do u think, I’ll marry in engineering when I am not even 18 completely. Please!! Leave me alone!!
:P:P Well!! There you go!!
These were the types!!

Hope you like it and hope no offense was taken!!!


-sanjana kunde

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