YSR Jayanthi in New Jersey

YSR Jayanthi in New JerseyThe northeast/Tri-State Telugu community has organized Dr.YS Rajasekhara Reddy’s 61st Birthday celebrations at Thompson Park, New Jersey. His birthday was July, 8 1949.  The weather was beautiful for the picnic. As most of us saw in the Congress ADs, when YSR walks rain god follows. Even though weather forecast was partly cloudy and no rain, few showers poured at time of the event and those were the blessings of Dr. YSR. The people remembered Dr.YSR with various acquaintance and they are planning to do this as an annual event during the second week of July.  About 600 NRI’s from various sections have participated in the event including Children.

Organizers mentioned that they are planning YSR Jayanthi as yearly event under Dr.Y.S Rajasekhara Reddy Foundation by Telugu families living in USA as well as India, prime focus and purpose of this organization is to remember Maata Thappani, Madama Thippani mana praja nayakudu Dr.YSR and will serve as a platform for his ideologies for the needy, especially for the children.

Prominent people from various Telugu organizations as well as Indian Oversees Congress which, including American Telugu Association (ATA), TANA,TLCA,TFAS &  NATS  have attended. Senior Congress MLA from Panyam, Kurnool District Sri. Katasani Rambhoopal Reddy garu was the chief guest, Mr. Upendra Chivukula, Deputy Speaker of New Jersey state assembly, and Dr Gaddam Dasharatham Reddy TANA Past President and Mahesh Saladi, APINOC President. YSR Jayanthi in New Jersey

Various speakers have spoken on the event and remembered Dr.YSR and popular schemes which helped the poor and farmers like Arogya Sree, Jala Yagnam, Free electricity. Every one knows Dr.YSR has great capabilities and he was a living legend of qualities. Undoubtedly Dr.YSR’s life is an example of a Leader, a Mentor, a Friend, a Follower and many more, which are rare to find in one person in this century, and these qualities will help coming younger generations to follow.

Sri.Katasani Rambhoopal Reddy shared his personal experiences with Dr. YSR and praised YSR for implementing countless schemes such as ArogyaSree, Jala Yagnam.

Dr Gaddam Dasaratha Rami Reddy, spoke very extensively about the Arogasree, treatment for cancer patients as well as 108 programs for the society. He adored former chief minister Dr Rajashaker Reddy being a medical doctor; he implemented the very well needed programs for the society

Mahesh Saladi, read a poem about the YSR, he praised the YSR, in 2004 he is the one instrumental to bring the congress government in state and central.

YSR Jayanthi in New Jersey

Gangasani Rajeshwar Reddy mentioned that so called senior leaders who can not  get a vote and can not win as a ward member, who can not even walk, do not have right to criticize Mr. YS Jagan. These senior leaders are making Gandhi Bhavan as old age home.

Alla Rami Reddy mentioned about the need of Mr. YS Jagan’s active lead role in Congress party and High command has the last chance and they would have to control their ego problem and patch up with Mr. YS Jagan.

Dr Ragahava reddy has spoken very emotionally about Dr. YSR and YS Jagan and shown solidarity to Oodarpu yathra.

Congress MP JD Seelam garu talked over the phone and thanked the organizers for celebrating the life of a great leader Dr. YSR. YS Jaganmohana Reddy’s message to NRIs was played on this occasion.

Ramesh Chandra, Mohan Patalolla, Koti Reddy Arikatla, Reddy Palvai, Nandu, Pratap Reddy, Pala Bhanoji Reddy, Ravindra Prasad, Suneetha have spoken very emotionally.

The Organizers of this event Gangasani Rajeshwar Reddy, Alla Rami Reddy, Gudipati Srikanth, Meka Ramu, Nagesh Reddy and Hari Velkur have thanked the attendees, guests, donors and volunteers of this event, and pledged to continue Dr.YSR Birthday every year during the second week of July.

Mr. Gopi Krishna did the anchoring for this program.YSR Jayanthi in New Jersey

Anupama Reddy has coordinated the stage decoration and activities for kids. Kids have played Bingo, Musical chairs, Basket Ball, Frisbee and girls enjoyed Mehendi.

Through out the meeting participants chanted Dr. YSR Amar Rahe. Lunch was served to all the participants.

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