తెలుగు సరస్వతిక సాంస్కృతిక సంగం

The show started with a prayer and sloka recital followed by a great dance drama Goda Kalyanam.   The young kids displayed splendid maturity and performed the drama well.   The program was followed by excellent classical dance performances choreographed by the renowned Gurus Sadhana Parani garu, Indira Dixit garu, Satya Pradeep garu. It was a feast to the eyes of the audience to watch the young generation performing the intricate dances with at most devotion.


The next section of the program involved folk dances by the winners of the TLCA dance competitions.   TLCA provides a healthy competitive environment among the kids and adults of the community every year by conducting competitions in dance, art work, songs and various fine art forms.   The winners are provided with opportunity to perform on the dais during our Dushera and Diwali programs.


The artists from New York performed a hilarious skit, Chuttalu Baboy Chuttalu.   The audience burst in to laughter watching the 20 min comedy.  


After a delicious Diwali special dinner the crowd gathered back. Daniel J. Halloran, III Council Member, 19th District, Queens NY, the guest of honor, lit the lamp to mark the famous Festival of Lights, Diwali.   He praised the service TLCA is rendering to promote the art, culture and community awareness and congratulated the President, Vikram Jangam for the commendable activities he conducted during the year.   He conveyed his best wishes to the community and encouraged them to support TLCA in all respects.


The second half of the program started with Pundits chanting Vedic Mantra's and prayed God for the wellbeing of the community.


President Vikram Jangam in his speech commended the support from the members for the activities he undertaken during the year.   The year has remarkably long list of many firsts. Under Vikram leadership, TLCA conducted the first ever Cricket tournament introducing TLCA rolling trophy, first ever Bathukamma and Mothers Day celebration. We also had a first ever parade and flag hoisting during the picnic.  


Vikram also explained the first ever free Business Seminars conducted for the benefit of the entrepreneurs and the Tax seminars for the benefit of the individuals. Many members and non -members of the community have attended the seminars.   Many people from the community have taken the benefit of the Medical camps conducted TLCA jointly with NATS



The event marked another milestone under the leadership of the President, Vikram Jangam.   Now the Association is proud to boast of its own title song , Kalala Kanachiga....   The song details every activity that TLCA conducts and the role of the Telugu NRI's in promoting our Telugu values and the way they grew in strength to strength in this country and the way they are bringing laurels to the motherland. The song was launched amidst the roaring cheers and applauses by the audience.   A PowerPoint presentation played along side provided its visuals of the various activities the Associations takes up every year. The melodious song was written by Sri Ramakantha Rao Chakalakonda, composed and sung by Kousalya, Sree Krishna and Master Karthikeya.


The much awaited innovative Fashion Show, Naadu, Nedu, Repu, again another brain child of the President Vikram started right after.   The event marked the 40th Anniversary of TLCA and had segments marking each decade, 70 thru 2000 and a bonus round of 2010 onwards. The show depicted the dressing styles of the Telugu community during the past 40 decades.   All the audience rose on their feet and cheered as the show started with a bang with the 70s. The program went on non-stop for an hour and the audience was relentless clapping, cheering and encouraging the participants.   The little masters from the community represented the 2010 onwards generation. Kids of ages 2 to 6, who barely started walking, dressed up, wore sunglasses and fancy attire and walked on the ramp.   Their flying kisses, waving the hands and cat walk was adorable and all the audience were enthralled.


Movie artist Delhi Rajeswari, Geeta Singh and Ujwal entertained the audience with their skits and comedy. The singers from India, Kousalya and Revanth gave an excellent singing performance with their songs. Hero Varun Sandesh entertained the audience with his Dance and singing.


Secretary, Nagendra Gupta, proposed vote of thanks.


President Vikram R. Jangam thanked all the members of TLCA, Sponsors, participants and all the artists.


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